*Please note that the phone numbers contained in the handouts may not be relevant to your area.

Depression Handout (8 pages):

This is a detailed depression handout that covers what depression is, who is at risk, common types of depression, symptoms, causes, diagnostic evaluation and treatment, medication and side effects, helping yourself, questions to ask your doctor, and where to get help.

How Psychotherapy Helps People Recover from Depression Handout (2 pages):

This brief psychotherapy handout covers how depression differs from occasional sadness, causes of depression, how psychotherapy can help, and medication.

Depression and Aging Handout (12 pages, large print):

This depression and aging handout by the National Institute on Aging covers depression topics geared towards the elderly population. It covers what depression is and what to look for, causes, getting help, treatment, help from family and friends, and prevention.

Bipolar Disorder Handout (4 pages):

This bipolar disorder handout describes what bipolar disorder is, the different types, who it affects, symptoms, and what you can do about it.

Postpartum Depression Handout (2 pages):

This postpartum depression handout covers the symptoms of postpartum depression, risk factors, what you can do, and treatment.

Seasonal Affective Disorder Handout (4 pages):

This seasonal affective disorder handout discusses what seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is, who it affects, and what you can do about it.