Resources for Family and Friends

Helping Family and Friends with Depression (20 pages):

This is an educational guide for family or friends with a loved one suffering from depression. It covers the following topics as listed in the table of contents:

  • Knowing what depression is

  • Recognizing the signs

  • Seeking professional help

  • Participating in the health care provider visit

  • On the front line: Home support

  • Watching for the threat of suicide

  • Helping them and protecting yourself

  • Where to get more information

  • Family and Friends Toolkit (115 pages):

    This is a general toolkit for family and friends who are concerned about a loved one with a mental health difficulty, including depression. To access the toolkit in printable form, click here, or you may access an online interactive version here. The modules covered in this toolkit include:

  • Understanding mental and substance use disorders

  • Supporting recovery from a mental or substance use disorder

  • Communication and problem-solving skills

  • Caring for yourself and other family members

  • Children and youth in the school system