Self-Help Handouts

Self-Help Strategies for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) (9 pages):

This self-help GAD handout lists 5 steps and 6 useful tools to manage GAD.

Self-Help: Managing Your Phobia (5 pages):

This self-help phobia handout covers 6 steps to help manage phobias.

Self-Help Strategies for Panic Disorder (9 pages):

This self-help panic disorder handout covers 4 steps and 4 useful tools to help manage panic disorders.

Self-Help Strategies for Social Anxiety (9 pages):

This self-help social anxiety handout covers 4 steps and 4 tools to help manage social anxiety.

Self-Help: Managing your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at Home (7 pages):

This self-help OCD handout covers 4 steps and 3 tools to help manage OCD.

Self-Help Strategies for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (5 pages):

This self-help PTSD handout covers 4 steps and 5 useful tools to help manage PTSD.

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) (5 pages):

This CBT handout describes the principles of CBT, what to expect if you see a CBT therapist, and what you will learn in CBT.

Healthy Thinking (4 pages):

This healthy thinking handout describes various thinking traps and provides examples, as well as how to get out of a thinking trap.

Challenge Negative Thinking (1 page):

This challenge negative thinking handout provides a short list of questions to ask yourself to help challenge your negative thoughts or self-talk.

Facing your Fears: Exposure (5 pages):

Exposure is one of the most effective ways to overcome fears. This exposure handout covers 6 steps to facing your fears.

Effective Communication (11 pages):

This effective comunication handout discusses why communication skills are important, nonverbal communication, conversation skills, assertiveness, barriers to behaving assertively, and myths about assertiveness.

Managing Obsessions (9 pages):

This managing obsessions handout provides tips on how to effectively manage obsessions.

Overcoming Perfectionism (7 pages):

This overcoming perfectionism handout covers 3 steps and 3 tools to help overcome perfectionism.