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Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) for Depression (1-page questionnaire, plus scoring and treatment guidelines):

The PHQ-9 link provides an introduction to the questionnaire and you may access the questionnaire by selecting “Reproduction Quality Blank PHQ” and then the direct link to the PHQ-9. This is an efficient screening tool for depression.

Recommended Guidelines for Screening for Depression (2 pages):

This depression screening guideline was developed by the Guidelines Advisory Committee and is intended for health professionals involved in the care of adults in primary and secondary care. It covers who should be screened, how to screen, and how to determine severity.

Recommended Guidelines for the Management of Mild Depression (2 pages):

This management of mild depression guideline was developed by the Guidelines Advisory Committee. It covers general treatment principles, useful psychological therapies, and whether to recommend antidepressant medications.

Recommended Guidelines for Moderate to Severe Depression (3 pages):

The management of moderate to severe depression guidelines was developed by the Guidelines Advisory Committee. It covers how to use antidepressant medications for this patient population, how to decide which antidepressant to use, when and how to switch antidepressant medications, which psychological treatments to consider, how to manage patients with treatment-resistant depression, how to decrease risk of relapse, and how system improvements can enhange management of patients with depression.

Depressed Patients: Potential Risk for Suicide (8 pages):

This depression and suicide risk information sheet covers factors associated with risk for suicide, asking questions about suicide, common methods and means of suicide, and potential interventions.