Workbooks & Education Guides

Antidepressant Skills Workbook (72 pages):

This depression workbook is a self-care depression program created by Dr. Dan Bilsker and Dr. Randy Paterson.   You may access the workbook directly here or work through the workbook online in audio format.

This workbook covers the following as listed in the table of contents:

  • What is depression?

  • What causes depression?

  • What can you do about depression?

  • More about medication

  • Antidepressant skills: 1. Reactivating your Life, 2. Thinking Realistically, 3. Solving Problems

  • The road ahead: Reducing the risk of relapse

  • The story of Margaret

  • Suggested reading

  • Useful information: diet, physical activity, sleep, caffeine, drugs and alcohol

  • Worksheets

  • Patient Education Guide: Living with Depression (16 pages):

    This is a detailed educational guide on depression that covers the following topics as listed in the table of contents:

  • Understanding depression

  • Recognizing the signs of depression

  • What causes depression

  • What you can do: Antidepressants and talk treatments

  • Depression treatment phases

  • Sticking with it

  • How you can help manage depression

  • Sleeping better

  • The connection between suicide and depression

  • Other sources for help

  • References

  • Your notes

  • Patient Action Plan: How You Can Play an Active Role in Your Treatment (8 pages):

    This is a patient action plan that allows those who have begun antidepressant medication treatment to keep track of their progress.

    What to Remember During Your Treatment (4 pages):

    This short educational handout can serve as a reminder about what to keep in mind throughout treatment.