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Working with the Suicidal Patient: A Guide for Health Care Professionals (4 pages):

This brief suicidal patient information sheet covers assessment, and how you can advise a suicidal patient.

Preventing Suicide: A Resource for Primary Health Care Workers (17 pages):

This suicide prevention resource was prepared as part of the World Health Organization’s worldwide initiative for the prevention of suicide. It contains the following topics:

  • Suicide – the size of the problem
  • Why focus on primary health care staff
  • Suicide and mental disorders
  • Physical illness and suicide
  • Suicide – sociodemographic and environmental factors
  • The state of mind of suicidal persons
  • How to reach out to the suicidal person
  • Suicide – fiction and fact
  • How to identify a suicidal person
  • How to assess the risk of suicide
  • How to manage a suicidal person
  • Referring a suicidal person
  • Resources
  • Things to do and not to do

  • Working With the Client Who is Suicidal: A Tool for Adult Mental Health and Addiction Services (120 pages):

    This detailed suicidal patient guidebook that provides an overview of
    recommended practices in assessing and treating suicidal behaviour in adults.

    The document is organized into 6 main sections:

  • Introduction, pp.1-4
  • General considerations for treating adult suicidality, pp.5-26
  • Identifying and assessing suicide risk, pp.27-36
  • Safety, treatment planning, and ongoing monitoring of suicidality, pp.37-57
  • Linkages between adult mental health and addiction services and the community, pp.58-64
  • Well-being issues for the clinician, pp.65-70