Family and Friends Resource

Suicide Warning Signs (1 page):

This suicide warning signs handout lists the warning signs to watch out for and a way to remember the various signs.

Hope and Healing: A Practical Guide for Survivors of Suicide (44 pages):

This suicide survivor’s guide deals with the practical matters survivors must deal with after the suicide of a loved one. It includes:

When someone you love dies by suicide:

  • What Helps in the Short Term
  • Telling Others
  • Emergency Response and Investigation
  • Response to the Emergency Call
  • Investigation
  • Coroner’s Inquest
  • Practical Matters

  • Arranging a Funeral
  • Dealing With Legal and Financial Matters
  • Disposition of Assets
  • Insurance
  • Financial Matters
  • Working Through the Grief

  • Your Grief is Unique
  • When Children Grieve
  • What Helps Healing in the Long Term
  • It Will Get Better
  • Later Reactions
  • Support Groups
  • Looking After Yourself
  • Important Phone Numbers
  • Other Resources

  • Survivor Support
  • Organizations
  • Books
  • Bibliography
  • Beyond Surviving